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U5 Rules


The MYSA U5 Divisions play matches governed by the latest FIFA Laws of the Game, with the following exceptions:


Dimensions: The field shall be rectangular, with a length of 30 yards and a width of 20 yards.


  • Distinctive lines no more than 5″ wide and no less than 3″ wide.
  • Midfield line extending across the entire field 15 yds from each end
  • A circle with a radius of 3 yards shall extend from the mid point of the midfield line
  • Each corner shall have an arc with a radius of 1 yd
  • A goal box starting 1 yard out from each goal post and extending into the field of play 3 yards.
  • A dashed parent boundary line shall run the entire length of one side of the field 1yd from the field boundary


Goals: Goals shall be 4 feet high and 6 feet across and must be anchored to the field by no less than two goal anchors.

Corner Markings: Corners should be marked with regulation corner flags or disc cones.

Ball: All matches shall be played with a size three (3) soccer ball of official size and weight.


Number of Players: The maximum number of players on the field per team shall not exceed three (3). There is no goalkeeper. Matches may be played with fewer players so long as each team has an equal number of players on the field.  

U5 Age Group Rules:  Players are allowed to play for the Fall season if they are 4 by September 1.  Players are allowed to play for the Spring season if they are 4 by March 1.  Once they play the first year, every player is required to play in their respective age group.  This means some may play U5 for 2 years depending on when they are allowed to start with their birthdate.  

Match Length: Matches will consist of two 20 minute halves with a 5 minute half time. No time-outs are allowed. Referee’s may stop the match for injuries.

Matches will be officiated by a coach from each team. A match timekeeper may keep time from the sidelines or a coach may do so on the field. There will be no line judges used.

Spectators: All spectators must sit on the opposite side of the field from the teams. Spectators must sit behind the dashed parent boundary line.

Offsides: Offsides will not be called.

Slidetackles/Playing on the Ground: Slidetackles are NOT allowed under any circumstances and will result in an indirect kick for the opposite team. Repeated slidetackling is grounds for a player being sent off the field. Players may NOT play a ball while on the ground – this creates a dangerous situation and will result in possession being awarded to the opposing team with an indirect free kick. This includes sliding saves and players falling on top of the ball.

Start of Play: Field sides shall be chosen by coin toss or mutual agreement of the coaches. The team which wins the coin toss shall decide to either kick-off or choose which side of the field to defend. If kick-off is chosen, the team losing the coin toss shall decide which side of the field to defend. Match play begins from the midfield has mark and opposing players must remain outside the center field circle until the ball is kicked.

Stoppage of Play:

  • If the ball is kicked out of bounds on the side of the field, possession is lost and play resumes with a normal throw in. If a player commits a foul during a throw in (Lifted foot, improper throw), they are allowed to attempt the throw in again.
  • If the ball crosses the end of field boundary and was last touched by the attacking team, possession is lost and play resumes with a modified goal kick by the defending team. The ball shall be placed anywhere on the end of field boundary on the side of the goal the ball went out on. The defending team then kicks the ball back into play.
  • If the ball crosses the end of field boundary and was last touched by the defending team, possession is lost and play resumed with a normal corner kick.
  • Defensive players cannot touch the ball in the box in a way that prevents the scoring of a goal. Teams doing so will lose possession and play is restarted with a corner kick. Coaches should NOT ‘teach the box’ to players. Simply call the rule as necessary and understand the box exists to prevent teams from using ‘pseudo’ keepers.
  • If the ball comes to a stop within the goal box, a goal kick is awarded to the defensive team.
  • Opposing players must remain 3 or more yards away from goal or corner kicks until the ball is kicked into play. If a player encroaches this area before the kick, the kick will be taken over. Opposing players are encouraged stay behind the midfield line until goal kicks are taken.
  • All goal and corner kicks are INDIRECT.
  • A ball is considered out of bounds when the ENTIRE ball has crossed the boundary plane.
  • All fouls result in INDIRECT kicks from the spot of the foul unless they occur inside the goal box. Fouls inside the goal box result in a goal kick (offensive foul) or corner kick (defensive foul)
  • Players who fall on the ball are creating a dangerous situation of play. If a player falls on the ball during play, play is stopped and the OPPOSING team is given an indirect kick.
  • Per US Youth Soccer guidelines, intentional heading of the ball is not allowed.  Any intentional heading results in a stoppage of play with an indirect kick awarded to the OPPOSING team.


  • A goal is scored when the ENTIRE ball crosses the goal line.
  • Goals cannot be scored from behind the mid field line. Restart play with a goal kick.
  • Scores and standings are not kept.

Substitution: Substitutions may be made by either team during any stoppage of play.

Overtime: No overtime play is allowed as score is not kept.

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